What’s in a Stern Tube

8 February 2023 What’s in a Stern Tube In Asante”s case not a lot, we felt it was prudent to replace both the cutlass bearings that ensure the drive shaft from the engine to the propeller runs smoothly, the stern tube is what the drive shaft goes through. When the drive shaft was being removed […]

What’s in a Mug

21st JANUARY 2023 Unusual title for a blog, but this Christmas Fiona and myself got these wonderful mugs for presents from one of Fiona’s sons Craig and his family. What’s lovely is the story behind them and they will be boarding Asante and used on our Grand Tour. Fiona’s mug has appropriately “Granny” on it […]

All Things Medical

20TH JANUARY 2023 So much of sailing is preparation.  Working through the dreaded ‘what if’ scenarios’.  And while most people will think of sinking boats and broken masts it is in fact a medical emergency that can be the greatest and perhaps the most common challenge.  On ocean passages help may be two weeks away.  […]

Winter Maintenance

17TH JANUARY 2023 The summer went by in a flash and everything we had planned has been completed.  We more or less stuck to our original detailed ‘to do’ list.  This ranged from the major job of replacing all navigational equipment including a new SSB radio and Satellite communications system to the minor job of […]

Where does it start

10TH JANUARY 2023 I believe in life there are two types of people.  Those who talk of dreams and those who follow them.  In 1982 I dreamt of sailing the Atlantic and 39 years later the dream became a reality. But the problem with finishing the dream is finding that an even bigger one has […]