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Winter Maintenance


The summer went by in a flash and everything we had planned has been completed.  We more or less stuck to our original detailed ‘to do’ list.  This ranged from the major job of replacing all navigational equipment including a new SSB radio and Satellite communications system to the minor job of moving a power socket in the galley with plenty jobs in between.  But with the decision to replace the sails the budget was somewhat blown.  A lot of deliberation had gone into this not inconsiderable expense but with 5 ocean crossings looming in the next two years we felt it was a prudent decision.  We had seen too many yachts limp into St Lucia with torn sails when we made the crossing in 2021. 

It’s now winter and Asante is once again out of the water. The last little tweaks before we set off in 3 months. New cuttless bearings for engine drive shaft and the propeller being refurbished. The coding for Cat 0 is the last big hurdle. Ian has had many a sleepless night working on all that has to be done to achieve the MCA criteria. This is the certificate that allows us to operate unrestricted commercially anywhere in the world.

Front view of Asante at Fox’s Boat Yard during winter maintenance
Rear view of Asante at Fox’s Boat Yard during winter maintenance
View of Asante Prop shaft with propeller removed to be refurbished

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