What’s in a Stern Tube

8 February 2023

What’s in a Stern Tube

In Asante”s case not a lot, we felt it was prudent to replace both the cutlass bearings that ensure the drive shaft from the engine to the propeller runs smoothly, the stern tube is what the drive shaft goes through.

When the drive shaft was being removed the team at Fox’s noted that the glass fibre stern tube had delaminated due to excess heat. So, a massive problem has now hit us with our leaving date being the 22 April, stressful or what. The work to replace the stern tube is huge over 80 hours of work.

Do we leave it and take a chance or replace it which is major work – well we have decided to replace it. While timescales are tight, we feel it’s the right thing to do safety first always.

We will post some pictures as the work moves forward.

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