What’s in a Mug

21st JANUARY 2023

Unusual title for a blog, but this Christmas Fiona and myself got these wonderful mugs for presents from one of Fiona’s sons Craig and his family. What’s lovely is the story behind them and they will be boarding Asante and used on our Grand Tour.

Fiona’s mug has appropriately “Granny” on it while mine has “Boat Man”! What can I say – well the story behind these mugs is all around Fiona’s grand daughter Alice who is now 5. When she was learning to talk, she could say Granny, however Ian was a no go, but she associated me with boats and I was a man, so I became Boat Man.

While we cannot wait to start this adventure and sailing around a total of 40,000 nautical miles it means we will not see our families for quite some time. Both our families mean the world to us so having a few things on board that remind us of them is important.

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